PreGel – United Kingdom

PreGel United Kingdom

Founded in 1967 in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy, PreGel has become an international powerhouse in the foodservice sector of manufacturing and distributing specialty dessert ingredients and semi-finished goods for artisanal gelato, sorbetto, premium gelato, soft serve, pastry, frozen yogurt and beverage.

PreGel’s business model is to create products that combine both quality and innovation, whilst continuing to further develop in the world’s dessert market.

PreGel understands the importance of providing superior specialty dessert ingredient solutions with the priority of supporting its business partners. That is why exceptional professionalism is paramount within the delivery of courses within all of PreGel’s International Training Centers worldwide.

The International Training Centers are an educational hub for innovation and success. With an unwavering commitment to education, our facilities offer training in a variety of applications throughout the year to students of all skill levels, providing theoretical and hands-on learning experiences. 

PreGel UK’s ITC offer an intimate setting with unparalleled ingredients, superior equipment, training and guidance.

PreGel UK Ltd

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